SW FL woman makes a hole-in-one with a putter

Wendy Nickerson took out her putter, looked at the hole, and lined it up. And the ball went in.

Not bad. It happens thousands of times a day across Southwest Florida’s dozens of golf courses.

Considering she did it from 50 yards away and it was a hole-in-one, well that’s something else entirely.

“I use my putter every time on that hole,” Nickerson said. “I know I’m going to hit it straight.”

It happened again:Golfer makes rare two holes-in-one in the same round

Nickerson, who only has been playing golf for three years, made the putting ace on the par-3 18th hole on the Palmetto Course at The Glades Golf & Country Club on Feb. 2. 

“It was so windy and cold that day,” she said. “We all had gloves on. We all had hats on. I hit it, and it went up this little hill, and the wind was blowing so much, it just blew it right in the hole. We were hysterical.”

The green is guarded by a bunker on the front left, and there is out of bounds to the right.

It was the second hole-in-one ever for Nickerson, who made one on No. 12 that she did not see go in the hole. She used a 5-wood for that back in March 2019. 

But the one with the putter she saw go in. She thought.

“I still wasn’t sure,” he said. “I looked at my partner (Kay Thede-Hughes). She was jumping up and down with her arms in the air, so now I can jump.” 

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